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A Healthy, Fit Body Is Within Reach at Any Age

Online or In-Person Nutrition & Fitness Coaching with Rosann Cunningham | Fit for Life Body 

Fit for Life Body Services

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Fit for Life Body Training App

Not your every day nutrition and fitness app!  This one has your coach, a certified nutrition and fitness professional, on the other side of the screen supporting you every step of the way.  Get individualized nutrition and a workout strategy that meets you where you are in your fitness journey and helps you to gradually progress and get stronger over time.  Built-in accountability.  Two way messaging with Rosann. Access to live group coaching calls.  Inspiration, challenges and more!  


Personal Training

Do you live in the local Western Pennsylvania region?  If so, in-person 1:1 Personal Training is one way you can work with Rosann to achieve your desired body goals.  Rosann meets you at your current fitness level and works with you to build your confidence using various exercise equipment.  She will also help you to understand the mechanics of your body and how proper movement and muscle growth are vital to your quality of life as you age.  Workouts are challenging, fun and results-driven.  This service is available to women only, and according to schedule availability.  Book a consultation to discuss this option further. 


Weight Loss for Life Coaching Program

This is a 16-week fully customized 1:1 nutrition and fitness coaching program designed to help you lose 25-30 pounds by the end of the program.  It will require you to have a strong desire to see a transformation occur, to follow a simple done-for-you nutrition and fitness strategy, check in with Rosann weekly for a zoom call, complete a weekly accountability report and provide progress photos, weight and measurements  along the way.  You must book a consultation with Rosann over zoom in order to qualify for enrollment into this results-driven program.

Meet Rosann

Certified Nutrition Coach | NASM Personal Trainer | Integrative Health Coach | Author

Rosann Cunningham, 51-years-old, is the Owner and CEO of Fit for Life Body, a Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Practice. She helps women of all ages, but primarily works with those navigating the often challenging perimenopause and menopausal years of life.  

Since the start of Fit for Life Body almost a decade ago, she has helped countless women overcome age and lifestyle related weight gain, poor lab results, and out of control symptoms.  Her clients emerge from her programs with increased muscle mass, lower body fat percentages, improved cholesterol and inflammatory markers, and a confidence they've never experienced before!  

Rosann is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Nutrition Coach, an Integrative Health Coach and pretty much just your all-around badass babe kind of entrepreneur!   Her specialties are women’s weight loss, hormone health and gut health.  

An Army National Guard Veteran, Rosann is passionate about all things women's self-defense.  She is trained in mixed martial arts, kickboxing, firearms, and Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defense fighting style.  

Despite inevitable aging, she is a total high-energy fitness junkie, always looking for new ways to challenge her body, and further develop her inner self-discipline.  She is also the Author of the book Fuel Your Fire: Secrets to Living Your Healthiest Life. 


Benefits of Working with Rosann

Reset Your Hormones and Gut Health

Learn What Foods Your Body Needs to Function Optimally

Develop a Routine of Life-Changing Healthy Habits and Fitness

Set Health and Body Goals That Truly Matter to You

Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Strategy That Works

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The Journey Towards a Stronger, Healthier and More Confident YOU, Begins on the Path of Self Love.  Start Your Journey Today.

“So… cholesterol dropped 100 points….she (my doctor) did start me on lipitor 3 months ago.  I asked if they generally see that big of a drop in 1st 3 months and she said, no…generally no more than 30 to 50 pts, tops!  It must be a combination of medicine and EVERYTHING else I am doing with you, Rosann!  It is amazing.  THANK YOU!”

- Janet W.

"If you need to lose weight and get healthier, Rosann is your girl!  I've been working with her on and off for 4 years and love her passion for nutrition and fitness!  In total, I'm down 90 pounds and couldn't be happier!  I still have about 25 more to go, but with Rosann's help I know I'll get there!"

- Jody G.

“I am really getting a lot out of the coaching videos and literature in this program with Rosann so far. I feel like she is providing the information and transformational activities that I have needed to be successful long term, not just with physical health but with my mental and emotional health also. I am impressed with the videos she does. I am motivated by how authentic, honest, and inspiring they are!  This is definitely work Rosann was meant to do! I’ve also lost 31 pounds and 15% body fat so far!”

- Debbie F.

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