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Fuel Your Fire Book

Discover the Secrets to Having the Body, the Life, and the Health You’ve Always Wanted! Fuel Your Fire is your no-bullshit guide for improving your health, losing weight, getting in shape, gaining renewed confidence, and becoming your best self so you can live the thriving life you deserve.


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Here's what you can expect:

• Two 1:1 30-minute in-app video call coaching sessions with Rosann.
• Individualized meal plan tailored to meet your body goals (includes max calories and macros.)
• Individualized workout plan tailored to your access to equipment and your unique body goals.
• In-App weekly group Q&A video coaching calls to keep you inspired and motivated.
• In-App accountability and encouragement from Rosann as you crush your daily goals.
• In-App two-way messaging with Rosann - you can even send her videos of your exercise form to be critiqued!
• Access to group challenges to keep things fun and competitive.
• Ongoing training with Rosann for as long as you need or want it.

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VIP Training with Rosann

Your VIP training package is one-on-one, in-person training and includes the following: 

  • Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions with me. 
  • Customized meal plan tailored to meet your body goals and food preferences. 
  • Personal training 4 days per week.  Workout tracking journal. 
  • Access to the Fit for Life Body training app. 
  • Access to the Fit for Life Body group coaching calls. 
  • Access to any and all Fit for Life Body challenges. 

This is a fully customized-for-your-needs solution guaranteed to get you looking and feeling amazing in just 4 months!  I will put together your unique nutrition and fitness strategy that meets you where you are in your life and your health.  I will then give you the guidance, the encouragement and the accountability to achieve the necessary habit changes that will lead to lasting results. 

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Kickstart Your Fit for Life Body!

Losing weight, feeling amazing and changing your body composition can be so frustrating for women as we age.  And, if you've never tried a whole food cleanse as part of your strategy, you may be missing out on an important step in the process to getting the body and the health you desire.  That is why I put this free resource together -- so you can quite literally kickstart your Fit for Life Body! 

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Sleep Mask

Sleep is incredibly important for your health and if you want to successfully lose weight and burn fat.  So many women struggle with sleep during their menopause years.  I have found this sleep mask to be life-changing when it comes time to drift off to sleep at night.  There's something about the weight of it over my eyes that instantly lulls me off to slumberland!  


Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Box - 18 Inch

A very worthy investment for your home fitness space!  I have one that is 18 inches and one that is 12 inches high.  I use both very regularly.  They are good for box hops, step-ups, incline push-ups, bulgarian split squats, hopovers, tricep dips, and more!  


Live Infinitely Exercise Ball - 65cm

Stability balls are a vital piece of equipment for your home fitness space, and it's something everyone in the family can use, regardless of fitness level.  For sizing, the 65cm ball is a little bit too large for a 5'2" - 5'3" tall woman, but it is perfect for taller ladies.  If you're more on the petite side, I would go down a size.  


REP Fitness Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great addition to a home fitness space, and this particular brand is what I use in my home gym.  It is sturdy and quite beefy!  They are on the pricey side, however.  If you have a set of dumbbells in a variety of sizes, I wouldn't go crazy buying kettlebells too.  But it is a good idea to have at least one, maybe two nice heavy kettlebells on hand.  The one I have is 22 pounds.  


Samari Workout Gloves for Weight Lifting

These gloves are ideal to have ready in your gym bag or home fitness space on those tough strength training days.  Because they're fingerless, you have more use with your whole hand, and there's wrist support as well.  Additionally, the padded palm aids with gripping the often slippery barbell during deadlifts.  A must have! 


Build Life One Gallon Water Bottle

No more excuses for not hitting your daily water goal!  I've had many of my clients use this bottle or something similar over the years and it's been a true game-changer for them! 


Body Measuring Tape

I always say, "You can't change what you don't measure!" This retractable measuring tape is inexpensive and perfect for grabbing those weekly measurements!  The number on the scale doesn't always show us a true picture of our success, but measurements do! 


Fabric Resistance Loops

If you do any of my workouts here at the Fit for Life Body portal, you'll quickly discover these are super handy to have available in your gym bag!  I use them a lot, and what I love about them is they won't roll on your legs when you're using them.  They are thick, comfortable and high quality.  Plus the price is very affordable! 


Weightlifting Belt

If you're planning to get into heavy lifting (barbells, heavy plates...or even heavy dumbbells) you really should have a good weightlifting belt.  Sure, you can use one at the gym, but it's likely to have someone else's sweat and grime all over it, and it may not fit you, either.  I recommend you have your own that you keep in your gym bag for when you need it.  


Running Pouch

If you're the outdoorsy type and prefer to take your cardio outside either for a nice speed walk or a jog with the family fur baby, I highly recommend this running pouch!  I keep my cell phone and house key in it so I never have to worry about leaving the door unlocked or not having a way to call for help if something terrible were to happen while I'm outdoors exercising. 


LED Light Therapy

This is a little gem I keep under my bed and use from time to time.  It's kind of a different way of introducing self-care, but the beauty and anti-aging benefits are worth looking a little goofy for half an hour or so!  Click on Purchase to take a look at what this mask does.  


Weighted Vest for Extra Calorie Burn

Looking to burn some extra calories, or otherwise challenge yourself a little harder in your workouts?  Why not try a weighted vest!  These come in various weights from 6 pounds all the way up to 18 pounds.  A great way to get a little extra work in your workout! 



I recommend anyone and everyone to have a bottle of Bromelain in your cupboard and take one daily.  *Check with your doctor first!  Bromelain is good for supporting digestion and joint comfort, but it's also anti-inflammatory!  So, if you're having any kind of surgery, or you have an injury, or you just know that you tend to have higher than normal inflammation levels, this is a great supplement to take.  


7-Ft Olympic Barbell

This is a perfect addition to any training area or fitness space where heavy lifting is part of what the space will be used for.  This barbell is 44 pounds and super durable!  You'll need the heavy plates and a rack to put it on.  


Multi-Function Barbell Rack

This barbell rack is perfect for a small home fitness room and it holds up to 550 pounds.  No need to bolt it into the floor unless you're planning to use it for much heavier weights than what a typical female would lift.  I have plates that go up to 125 pounds and it's held all of that just fine.  The height is adjustable as well.  


Heavy Plates for Barbell

If you're brand new to heavy lifting, I would start out with a couple of lighter plates.  In my fitness room, I have two 25-pound plates, two 10-pound plates, two 5-pound plates and four 2.5-pound plates.  This gives me plenty of flexibility with the weight so I can lift heavier if I want, or lighter, too! 


Fit Girl Squat & Hip Thrust Pad

This pad is a life-saver when it comes to heavy lifting, and it's one tool you won't want to skimp on!  A barbell with no pad can and will leave bruises on your skin where the weight of the barbell lies.  So, the solution is a squat pad! 


Quick Release Olympic Barbell Clamp

You'll definitely need two of these if you plan on purchasing a barbell and heavy plates.  These clamps are what hold the plates securely on the end of the barbell, and they're super easy to use!


Multi-Functional Adjustable Weight Bench

There are so many ways you can use this bench.  I mostly use mine for glute-focused extensions, back-focused extensions, and abdominal training.  But, you can also do preacher curls, work your obliques and more!  Definitely a worthwhile investment for a home fitness room.  


Kitchen Scale

This is another one of those "you can't change what you don't measure," tools.  No, it's not fun to measure out your food portions, but it's also not fun to step on the scale and not see any results.  Take the time to measure out your portions.  


Adjustable Exercise Step Platform

This is another great tool for a home fitness room, especially if you'll be doing any kind of heavy lifting.  These step platforms are great for doing Barbell Hip Thrusts, Bulgarian Split Squats, Hopovers, Step-Ups and so much more!  Comes with 4 risers (2 on each side) and additional risers are sold separately.  I have a total of 8 risers in my set up.  


Thick Yoga Mat

This yoga mat isn't just for doing yoga.  At least not in my fitness room!  In my fitness room, this yoga mat is primarily used as a soft cushiony back support when doing barbell hip thrusts.  I guess if you like yoga, you could certainly use it for that, too! 


Long Resistance Loops

These are fantastic fitness tools to have on hand.  I like to attach them to the base of my barbell rack and use them for banded kickbacks.  They are also good for banded face pulls and banded pull aparts.  Just like the shorter resistance loops I shared earlier, these are high quality fabric and won't roll when you're using them.  


47-Inch Olympic Super Curl Bar

This is also called an EZ-Curl Bar.  At 22.5 pounds by itself, this is a great weightlifting tool for doing all sorts of muscle-building exercises.  You can also load heavy plates to each end.  The cuts in each side for your hands allow for a slightly different grip which some people find comfortable and others do not.  This a good investment, but honestly one that I haven't gotten as much use out of as I thought I would.  


Digital Bathroom Body Composition Scale

This scale is A-MAZ-ING!!!  It takes the guesswork out of the weekly weigh-in.  Instead of feeling like you've failed because you gained a pound, this scale will break your body weight down for you and let you know if that extra pound is water, muscle, bone or fat.  It is worth every dime!!


Fitness Timer

I don't know why I waited so long to search out a fitness timer for my workouts.  This tool is so much better than trying to set a timer on my cell phone every time I need to do a timed set.  Now, I just push a button and it gives me a quick 3 second countdown so I can get into the right position, and then the timer starts.  This is a good stocking stuffer to ask Santa for! 


Kajabi Platform

If you're a business owner, and you love what you see when you look at this website, or you've been considering setting up your own membership portal, or putting together online courses, I highly recommend you explore the Kajabi platform as your starting point!  It is an awesome all-in-one resource for running your business, and overall it's simple to navigate, and inspiring to create products within the platform.  

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Practice Better 

If you're a health coach, or a nutrition/fitness professional looking for a HIPAA compliant resource for managing your schedule, your clients and their sessions, for invoicing, and for so much more, be sure to check out Practice Better!  I use it for my coaching practice and find it to be an excellent tool! 

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